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We build new bond with Developing Health & Independence charity

We've partnered with award winning charity Developing Health & Independence (DHI) to support their work in Bath and North East Somerset.

We build new bond with Developing Health & Independence charity

Touchstone is headquartered in Bath and we are one of the city’s largest employers. In a new partnership, we are supporting South West based charity DHI - which helps over 5,000 disadvantaged people each year turn their lives around. DHI work to resolve the root cause of complex issues, which are often housing-related.

In our first project together, colleagues from Touchstone volunteered their time to help DHI renovate a three-bedroom house in Bath for a refugee family from Syria. The family has a disabled member, who needs a home with wheelchair access, and they are in huge need following trauma in the Syrian war zone.

The house needed considerable updating, so as well as volunteering, we funded its complete decoration. Colleagues spent two days working alongside DHI and the local Syrian community to undertake the decoration and landscaping works, and the home is now ready for its first family.

Helen Kings, Managing Director, Touchstone, said:

“Our charity work is massively important to us, and being based in Bath we wanted to find a local charity where we could make a tangible difference. Our colleagues have loved giving their time to renovate this home. It’s fantastic knowing their hard work will have such a positive impact for this family and many others in the future.”

Rosie Phillips, Chief Executive, DHI, said:

“We are so grateful to Touchstone for their support. There is a huge need in Bath and North East Somerset for homes for a truly affordable rent. Now this house is renovated, it will benefit families in our community long into the future including in the first instance for a vulnerable refugee family with a disabled person in the family.”

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