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Our History

Founded in 1988 as Johnson Fry Property, over the next nearly 30 years we’ve identified different opportunities which have shaped our development. During the 1990s we began to work on long-term investment portfolios and we’re proud to say that we still have clients and colleagues from this time.

The Mark

The Touchstone name was born in 1999 when the business acquired the private rented arm of Pinnacle Regeneration and went on to develop further through a joint venture with Colliers to form CCRE Touchstone and then with new funding to create Touchstone CPS Ltd in 2006.

Our Growth

In 2012 Touchstone became part of the Places for People Group, one of the largest property management, leisure, development and regeneration companies in the UK, with over 180,000 properties in ownership or management and assets in excess of £3 billion.

Developing further

From city centre apartments for young professionals to suburban semis for working families; from central London across the rest of the UK’s towns and cities; from build-to-rent to managing properties in receivership – we developed services to manage properties across the private rented sector, acting for our clients as a single, professional property manager.

Our vision

As more and more people rely on the private rented market to provide a home, we are seeing the sector change and develop. We’re at the forefront of this change, offering professional property management and creating the very best experience of renting for our customers.

What's Happening?

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