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No place like home: Touchstone teams up with charity DHI

We're delighted to announce a three-year charity partnership with Developing Health & Independence (DHI)

No place like home: Touchstone teams up with charity DHI

DHI is the charity who help people out of the cycle of homelessness, social isolation and drug or alcohol abuse.

Through the partnership, Touchstone are helping to provide affordable accommodation for DHI clients. Our aim is to help DHI part-refurbish one property a year, providing vulnerable families with a roof over their heads and a place that they can call home. The Covid-19 crisis has exacerbated an already huge need for low cost housing in the B&NES community so help this help is invaluable.

We have also donated funds to provide mobile data packages to help isolated people connect remotely with the charity and family and friends, or look for work. Being able to connect on-line is invaluable for vulnerable and disadvantaged people, allowing them to access benefits and advice, and get one-to-one help and group support. Covid is having the greatest impact on those living at the margins, like Tom*, who has already lost his job. Having lost one connection – DHI want to make sure he keeps others that are important to him and can apply for work and benefits.

“This is amazing. I have been furloughed during lock down, then lost my job as they weren’t keeping people on. Then I had a major operation on my knee and am quite housebound for next 6 months. I want to use my time wisely, and there are online courses I can do, but didn’t have enough data credit on my phone each month. This sim data you bought me will enable me to do these courses.” Thank you, Tom

Rosie Phillips, Chief Executive of DHI said, “Everyone at DHI is excited about working together with Touchstone to make a valuable difference to people affected by homelessness and substance misuse

“We are thrilled that Touchstone are helping so many disadvantaged people in these challenging times. Many of our services have now gone on-line so being digitally connected has never been so important.”

Tristram King, Director at Touchstone said “Being based in Bath, it was important for us to find a local charity we could partner with to help make a real difference. The work that DHI does to tackle homelessness and social exclusion is crucial and we are delighted that we can lend our support to such a fantastic cause. We look forward to continuing our partnership with DHI, helping to provide a new start for people in difficulty.”

To help support the work of the charity, please visit our fundraising page at….

*We have changed the clients real name to Tom, to protect his identity

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