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Malawi Family Updates

News from the Families that Touchstone built houses for in Malawi

Malawi Family Updates

Regina Ntambalika

My life has been so miserable for so long time because of the house I was living in. The house was a so bad that mosquitoes and other insects could breed inside the house during rainy season. My children and I have suffered a lot with malaria especially the youngest. As that was not enough, fever and coughs were a song of the day due to dust that could enter freely in the house during the dry season. I can now open my windows in the morning and let fresh air coming in, I can now mop my house for good hygiene, our bedding are dry and clean now. The list of all good things from the new house is so long. I can only say to God be the glory. Many thanks to Touchstone and Habitat for the greatest gift ever, may God bless you.

Yasintha Banda

Yasintha now can sit on the veranda of her new home and eat her meal with her children peacefully. Yasintha thanks Habitat Malawi for this rare opportunity. “I am now able to have plans in life like any other person in the community with no worries at all because I have a good house with a beautiful paint that attracts a lot of people, my future and that of the children is bright and secure” Said Yasintha. The children are now living a healthy life as malaria cases have been reduced since habitat Malawi gave them mosquito nets. Furthermore, diarrhoea cases have also been reduced since a ventilated improved pit-latrine was also constructed for the family. Thus, no more use of poor and smelly latrines that attracted flies which are the carriers of germs. The air borne diseases have been greatly reduced because the house has air vents, cement floor, plastered wall and windows that make it possible to have clean air. The children have a conducive place for study and Yasintha is no longer buying grass for roofing because her house has iron sheets hence the money is used to buy other basic needs for the family. “I would like to sincerely thank Habitat and all donors that made it possible for helping me and my family to have a new life. I have never seen this kind of love and I would like to wish them all the best in their lives and I would like to request them that they should also do the same to other needy people like me”, said Yasintha smiles.

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