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Fruit tree planting in Malawi

As part of our Brilliant Place to Work initiative, our colleagues enjoy fresh fruit in all our offices.

Fruit tree planting in Malawi

Our fruit supplier, Fruitful Office has committed to plant one tree in Malawi for every fruit basket we consume. Over the last three months, Touchstone colleagues have munched their way through 13 baskets, meaning Fruitful have planted 13 trees on our behalf!

Fruitful work with RIPPLE Africa, a UK Charity, to plant the trees which are mainly guava and papaya fruit, as well as some quick growing trees like senna siamea. Poor Malawian families benefit from these trees to provide both fruit and firewood for the future for their own consumption and also, in some cases, income generation.

Find out more about the Planting Fruit Trees in Africa campaign here

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