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A brand that reflects our approach

No iPads, no iPhone or in fact no i-anything. Mobile and internet technology was in its infancy, only 7% of households lived in the private rented sector and property management was very, very traditional.

A brand that reflects our approach

How things have changed!

Now nearly 20% of households live in the private rented sector and technology, data and information surround us all – this gives Touchstone the opportunity to make more informed decisions, serve customers better and move faster.

Fast-forward from 1991 and today Touchstone are in position to be at the cutting edge of a fast-moving private rented sector. Building on our reputation for delivering world-class basics, we’re now involved in a number of innovative projects and also continue to play a key role in sponsoring growing professionalism and integrity in the sector.

Touchstone’s future will be built on combining over 25 years of world class property management experience with investment in new technologies, a renewed focus on the customer and the latest in market intelligence and tenant insight.

We call it intelligent property management.

Welcome to our new brand – looking to the future, with a nod to the past. It has been created to highlight the value we bring to our clients and customers - making financial sense of property management.Touchstone brings together the landlord view with the tenant view then combines it with our market knowledge and experience - a total view that we call intelligent property management.

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